bluesCENTRAL is a volunteer-run organization, and we need your help!

Volunteering for Fallin’ Into Blues

For information about Fallin’ Into Blues, view our event page. Listed below are some tasks that we need help with for this event.

  • Hand out the event promo card to your friends and people who might be interested. You can pickup some promo cards on Monday night at Guido’s
  • Staff a table at the event promoting our Blues Every Monday lessons and dances.
  • Staff a table at the event selling tickets for our SnowMELT 2020 event.
  • Be a gopher at the event. Checkin with other volunteers, cover their role for restroom breaks, run errands.
  • Assist with dance lessons. Invite bystanders to join in. Give them a quick intro lesson alongside the main lessons that will be taking place.
  • Staff children’s activity table.

For more information about volunteering at Fallin’ Into Blues, view our Detailed Information Document.
To sign up for volunteering at Fallin’ into Blues, visit our Online Signup Form!

Volunteering for SnowMELT 2020

For more information about SnowMELT 2020, view our event page.

For more information or questions about volunteer positions, email us at dancewithus@bluescentral.org or talk to one of the leaders at any of our events.