Mississippi Hill Country Night, and Playing With Momentum

This Monday, Feb 4, 6pm at Cowboy Monkey, Jennifer and Dave will teach a lesson on playing with momentum in leading and following. We’ll do a side lesson for first-time beginners if desired. Whoever you are, experienced, beginner, partnered, just you, come on out.

On March 9th we will Get-Out-And-Dance to Robert Kimbrough Sr. live at Neil Street Blues. (RSVP on the bluesCENTRAL Facebook event.) As a preview, this Monday’s dance 7-9pm will feature the musical lineage he continues.

Mississippi Hill Country Blues is a regional music style characterized by a unique hypnotic sound through a steady driving rhythm, minimal chord changes and atypical song structures. It is typically played on guitar with accompanying vocal. The style is best known through the music of Junior Kimbrough (1920-1998), Jessie Mae Hemphill (1923-2006) and R. L. Burnside (1926-2005) who played for much of their careers at juke joints and local house parties in and around Holly Springs in Northern Mississippi. The style grew in popularity in the 1990’s. Robert Kimbrough Sr, son of Junior and Cedric Burnside, son of R. L., continue these traditions today. Our Monday night playlist will feature these five great musicians.

To learn more, check out the documentary film, Deep Blues: A Musical Pilgrimage to the Crossroads on Youtube.