Blues Dancing Museum Exhibit Coming Soon

The Spurlock Museum in Urbana, Illinois is preparing to add a new exhibit: Blues Dancing and its African American Roots! This new exhibit will highlight the evolution of blues dancing from its origins to the popular dance practice known today. The exhibit will be opening on March 6, from 6:30-9:00pm as the kick off for bluesCENTRAL’s Annual SnowMELT dance weekend.

Upcoming News

Holiday Party, December 16th

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, bluesCENTRAL is having a holiday party on Monday, December 16th! Don’t miss the chance to learn from our new instructor, Mindy Watts-Ellis. Mindy has been belly dancing for 13 years and blues dancing for one year. Many of the moves from belly dancing are similar to blues solo dancing, especially isolations. We’ll be able to try out our new moves to some holiday-themed blues music from DJs Mark Aardsma and Jennifer White!

We will also have a gift exchange. If you would like to participate, bring a gift under $10. Those with the most dance partners on their dance card get to pick first!

Guido’s Lesson and Dance Schedule

Since the holidays are a busy time of year for many, we will not be having our usual Guido’s lesson and dance on December 23rd and 30th. Our regular weekly schedule will return to normal after the new year, starting January 6th!

UPTV Video from Fallin’ Into Blues

Our Fallin’ Into Blues dance festival on October 5th was a great time involving live music, dance lessons, and social dancing. We’d like to thank Wood N’ Hog BBQ and the Painkiller Blues Band for making this event all the more fun! If you’d like to learn more about bluesCENTRAL and our events, check out this video from UPTV!

Welcome to bluesCENTRAL

We are a friendly group of people in Champaign-Urbana who love teaching, learning, and enjoying blues dances, and the history and culture that surrounds them.

Join us on Monday evenings for free lessons and dances at Guido’s Bar & Grill. Learn more about our lessons and dances. Note: As of March 11, 2020, due to coronavirus, lessons and dances at Guido’s are paused until further notice.

Sign up for our emails to be the first to know about dates and plans for our 3rd annual dance weekend, SnowMELT 2021.

Summer Lesson Series

Each Monday this summer, starting on June 3rd, we’ll teach a different blues idiom dance. Most of these dances fit well with a specific style of blues music. Come learn the dance that fits the music, and expand your repertoire. Each lesson will be independent, so if you miss one you won’t be behind. More details and RSVP on Facebook.

See you on the dance floor.  -Mark