Walking, Part 2

How’s that contra-body movement coming along? This Monday evening, Jan 28, 6pm at Cowboy Monkey, Sierra and Dave will teach part two of the lesson on forward and backward walking. Although most of us mastered walking in everyday life some years ago, this is harder than it sounds while dancing with a partner.

An instructor will also be on hand to teach a separate beginner lesson if desired by the group. As always the lesson is free, we are enthusiastically beginner-friendly, and there’s no need to bring a partner.

Regular Weekly Lesson and Dance

This Monday, at Cowboy Monkey. 6pm Lesson with Jennifer. She’ll be teaching close embrace slow drag.

As always, we’ll make sure our lesson or a side-lesson is beginner-friendly.

7-9pm free social dance. Our crowd has been growing — should be a fun time.

Learn Walking and Lunges Tonight

We had a solid turnout last week, with a number of newcomers. (Yes!) With the students back in town, tonight’s fun should be up another notch.

It’s Sierra’s turn to teach and rumor is she might teach us forward/backward walking (it sounds so simple right?) and lunges. Lesson 6pm, Dance 7-9pm @ Cowboy Monkey. Lesson and dance are free. Come eat, drink, and dance with us.

Update: Thanks Laura Gillen for this picture of tonight’s dance:

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